Perspective on Retirement

  I keep finding myself returning to the whole question of retirement and what it MEANS to “be retired” when being an athlete is so fundamentally who you are. I’ll spare you the entire train of thought….it’s long and complex. And of course, I also started thinking about how “retirement” applies more

From the Mailbag

I frequently wonder if I am “the swimmer-cyclist lady with the funny arm” to students. What, if anything, are they actually remembering from the stories I tell? It’s obvious when I am speaking that I have their attention and definitely I know what I am trying to impart. But what’s the take-home message they are actually

Be Awesome, Do Amazing

One of my dear friends invited me to Seattle to speak to a girls-empowerment event called “Because You’re Amazing.” I said, friend, you ARE amazing, and I would love to come visit. To which Susan said something like, well, you are amazing. I’ll spare readers the rest of the gushy love-fest.

What I Am Up To These Days

When people ask me “what’s new, what have you been up to, what are you doing?” I could say a lot of interesting things. For example…. I’m learning Japanese! “Neko wa sakana o tabateimas” means roughly “the cat (subject) the fish (object) eating.” That’s the first real sentence that I made

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