Ida Keeling’s 100-year Resiliency

Photo Credit: Elias Jerel Williams for The New York Times

Photo Credit: Elias Jerel Williams for The New York Times

How do you thrive when bad things happen? Ida Keeling, a 100-year-old runner has a wealth of advice in this awesome feature in the New York Times. Her story is pretty incredible, but to me the most moving facet of the story is how running alleviated her depression.

Her take-home message from surviving depression is so simple. And so hard to do if it’s not already your habit: “Do the thing you don’t like to do first and get rid of it.”

What’s dragging you down? What’s lingering in the back of your mind?

If you’re not sure, spend a quiet moment before you fall asleep tonight. What’s flitting through your mind as you visualize what needs to happen tomorrow. Chances are something in there makes your gut go, “UGH, no.”

Do that thing first, and see how much more enjoyable the rest of your fun stuff is when the back of your mind isn’t working so hard to push out thoughts of the thing you don’t want to do.

Check out the rest of the story. It’s pretty incredible what exercise, diet, and discipline can do to improve the quality of life. I’d say that’s worth a tall shot of Hennessy.

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