The Illuminate Year starts NOW!

Illuminate-Marketing-Postcard_5x7_FINAL-6-3-2015_Page_1_WebSmallIt was probably apparent that I didn’t have any (or much) actual money to give to Santa Clara University, when I set up a meeting to, among other things, submit a plea for engineering help with the adaptive rowing project.

But there I was in the train station Starbucks (flashback – that table in the corner – desperately fighting my leaded eyelids – that book Dr. Curry assigned us to read in two days – 30 minutes until class starts – venti coffee, very black), first things first, being asked for…my writing.

My answer? Yes, yes, and yes! I’m so happy to give my time and talent!

For the next year I am guest writing for Santa Clara University’s Illuminate project, which showcases “bright ideas from SCU thought leaders.”

Wait – bright ideas? Thought leaders? Right. Oh dear.

I am in frighteningly esteemed company, and fighting off bouts of blog envy. Remember Phil Kesten? And how absolutely everyone loved physics so much when he taught it that they actually skipped important things (such as sitting and chatting in the cafeteria), to go to class? Yeah, so he wrote a piece on the Science behind the Warrior’s 3-point Shots. Fr. Rewak has one about art being essential to learning. Thomas Plante is the Heath Psychologist – his posts are predictably awesome, thought-provoking writing.

There are other alumni “illuminate” – thankfully – and they are writing about things like reducing the stress of a job search (Jill Klees, M.A. ’95), or what it means to be a bride in the digital age (Mayka Mei ’06).

Suddenly, my musings on the role of sport in our lives and all things Olympic and Paralympic don’t seem TOO prosaic? (Don’t answer that.)

This is all to say, I will be doing EVEN more writing this year than I had planned. But why not? Santa Clara set me on a path to success – if you think this is butt-kissing hog wash, wait until the memoir comes out and you will see – and as I said to a bunch of about-to-graduate college students (my first speaking gig, actually) – if you don’t share your talents and skills with the world, you’ll feel as sick as two teenagers who tried to eat the entire Ben & Jerry’s Vermonster.

What an honor. Thanks again, Santa Clara, for a world of opportunities. And go Broncos! (If you want to receive the Illuminate musings, you can do so here. My first article will publish next week.)

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  • janey curry

    Honor for us rather.

  • janey curry

    Just to add, I never asked you to read a book in 2 days, unless it was really short. You were always prepared and you have the writing thing down pat. I see this as the beginning of something… better than Berkeley

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